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Nourishing You Into Motherhood

Fertility Nutrition Specialist

Welcome to my work as a fertility nutrition specialist – a place where your journey to motherhood is nurtured with care, expertise, and science. I understand the profound impact nutrition has on fertility. My unique approach, rooted in the latest research and personalised strategies, is designed to empower you in enhancing your reproductive health. My mission is to help couples optimise their diet and lifestyle to prepare for conception through: The Conscious Conception Plan.

Empowering female maternity

Eat mostly natural, whole foods 

I want couples to focus on consuming foods in their most natural and unprocessed form to support reproductive health. This means choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, lean proteins, and avoiding foods with artificial additives, preservatives, and high levels of processing.

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Eat More Diverse

I like couples to incorporate a wide variety of foods into your diet to ensure a broad range of nutrients that support reproductive health. This includes trying different types of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and other food groups.

Transparent Maternal Nutrition Specialist

Spend more time in nature  

I advise couples to spend more time in nature to support and enhance their fertility journey. Light and nature regulates our circadian rhythms, which supports hormone production and sleep which is crucial for fertility. Nature also switches us into the right nervous system to make a baby. 

Maternal Nutrition Specialist

A little bit about me!

Everything that makes me, me!

I grew up on the north coast of Cornwall, all of my days spent with salty skin or covered head to toe in mud!

I now live a very outdoorsy lifestyle in Weymouth with my partner Tim and our camper van, Arlo!

I am a huge nature lover! I love living in sync with the cycles of the moon and seasons!

Big sunrise chaser! My fav time of day is before 6am! Equally love a sunset!

I am one of the co founders of Muddy Boots Nursery School, of which we have 5 nurseries in Poole and Bournemouth.

I am a big romantic at heart and in the summer months and I am a wedding photographer!

Winter is magical for me, I love everything about it, maybe because I was born in January!


My Accreditations

Still on a journey of learning but these are my biggest achievements so far!

Registered Associate Nutritionist (AfN)

Making Babies Naturally (The Fertility Nutrition centre)

MSc Nutrition and Behaviour - Distinction - Bournemouth University

Early Start Nutrition – AfN Certified Course

200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Spanda Institute

Fertility Nutrition Essentials (ANMF)

My story & mission

After learning I had low AMH levels, doctors advised me to either conceive immediately or freeze my eggs.

Unready for motherhood, I initially began the egg-freezing process but soon realised it wasn't the right path for me. Facing pressure and high costs, I chose a different route: improving the quality of my existing eggs through enhanced nutrition and lifestyle.

With a fresh Master’s degree in nutrition, my interest naturally evolved into specialising in Maternal Nutrition. This journey deepened my passion for educating couples on how diet can significantly influence fertility. While assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF are indispensable for some, I've learned that nutritional and lifestyle modifications can be pivotal for many in achieving natural conception.

My goal is to empower and guide women on their path to motherhood, equipping them with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about their diet and well-being, thus enhancing their chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.

To further this mission, I launched the Conscious Conception Plan in 2023, a program dedicated to nurturing fertile health through informed and holistic nutritional strategies.

"I had no clue what a difference I could make to my fertility just through my diet"

“I loved the whole process with Dani, the learning, the implementing and the support! 

The changes I needed to make were completely achievable and I feel so much better in myself after taking control of my nutrition.

I am so grateful to have found Dani and Conscious Conception. It was enjoyable, uplifting and i’d recommend it to anyone looking to conceive.”

Faye – Poole, Dorset